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Salomon – the mountain sports company born in the French Alps and founded in 1947.

We were given the opportunity to create a new global identity for Salomon; the idea was to unify all of its brands under one core logo. From skiing, snowboarding, trail running, hiking, climbing and adventure racing, to products, marketing, promotional materials and retail environments.

Heavily rooted in passion for sports progression, product development, quality and craftsmanship, we wanted to create something that considered and incorporated all of these values.

With so many aspects to consider, the letter S forms the new expression of the Salomon’s heritage and the progressive step towards the future (the starting point being the original heritage S logo loved so much by the core Salomon fanbase). The logo had to be gender neutral, inclusive, forward thinking, performance driven and straight to the point. Designed to be viewed from both top and bottom, it can never be used wrongly.

We worked in collaboration with Fresh Britain on all aspects of the new brand.

Project Scope

Logo design

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“Rebranding a global outdoor icon with nearly 70 years of deeply engrained history like Salomon is no small task. Add to that replacing a logo created by one of the most prolific graphic designers of all time and you have the project which Planning Unit took on and delivered with care and elegance.”
Niclas Bornling, Brand Director, Salomon
“Working with Planning Unit is most importantly fun. I don't think I ever came out of a meeting or call with those guys without a positive feeling and a smile on my face.”
Niclas Bornling, Brand Director, Salomon