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Mati Ventrillon


Mati Ventrillon is a Venezuelan who lives in Fair Isle, Scotland. Mati produces bespoke Fair Isle Knitwear. Her strapline, ‘Inspired by tradition, crafted for life’ serves as the foundation for everything she does.

Our goal was to celebrate the tradition of the craft, whilst aligning it to the modern fashion world. Our considerations included ensuring a personable brand feel, showcasing the purity of the garments and celebrating Fair Isle’s remote and idyllic landscape.

We used Mati’s signature for the logo, the brand symbol we created is a stylised version of a Woollie Horse, a traditional jumper stretcher. Photographer Dylan Thomas was commissioned for the photo shoot, which took place on Fair Isle.

The culmination of which is a brand visual language that cherishes the gift of this remote isle and Mati’s unique approach to bringing life, and the rest of the world, this traditional craft.

Project Scope

Identity, Web design, Brochure design, Labels

“Their understanding of my ideas and their capacity to think out of the box was exactly what I needed. Their professional yet friendly approach made the whole design process an enjoyable one; they were not only doing a job, they were building up a relationship”
Mati Ventrillon