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Planning Unit was asked to create the visual language, promotional posters and titles for Indoor, a short film by directing duo Si&Ad.

The film tells the story of a intriguing relationship between a boy and girl. Without spoiling the plot, the film involves the ingenious use of a goldfish bowl which we chose to reference within the main title.

Two poster styles were created; one used imagery from the film and juxtaposed context of a vast outdoor space alongside the title of the film. The promo poster was type alone and illustrated a visual pun of the story of the film.

For the main titles card and the titles themselves, wood block prints were used to create a run down and distressed mood, akin to the setting of the film.

We are delighted to know that the film has been recognized at various film festival and won an array of international awards, including British Independent Film Festival, Bermuda IFF and British Shorts Berlin.

Project Scope

Identity, Web design, Posters, DVD packaging

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“We didn’t want to restrict them in anyway. We showed them an early edit and simply asked for their interpretation of the film graphically. They nailed it. The final titles, poster and website were beautiful with a hint of raw naivety that suited the project so well”
Simon Atkinson, Director
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