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Folio Prize


We were commissioned by Sunday (Publishing) to design and brand a new literary prize – the Folio Prize.

This novel literary prize is the first major English language book prize open to writers from around the world. The brief was simple; to create a concept that was synonymous to the celebration of the best fiction of our time, regardless of where from or genre, and to bring it to the attention of as many readers as possible.

In our approach we sought to create something unique; something that avoided the clichés of literature, such as fountain pens, books and other traditional logo marks. In a crowded literary world we were keen to craft a solution that would ignite a stir in the publishing world. Something that said, ‘Yes, it’s time for change and the Folio Prize is just that’.

The final result is a consistent branding system with modular elements, giving the possibility to develop as the prize grows.

Project Scope

Branding, Web design, Packaging

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