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All The Gold You Can Eat


Themes of alchemy, mystery and the pursuit of unlocking the of legend of the Philosopher’s Stone, form the threads of Joe De Kadt’s exquisitely shot documentary, All The Gold You Can Eat.

It seemed only fitting for elements of the periodic table to be used as the basis of the identity, titles and website design – creating a dynamic info block identity system used to contain imagery and typography. Navigation through the site is signposted with tabular arrangements and symbols for pages. Placed alongside beautiful stills from the film, the final results achieve a look and feel that synthesises the mythos of The ORMUS enigma.

Project Scope

Identity, Titles, Web design

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“The design they developed is beautiful and inventive, but what was really beneficial about working with Planning Unit is their understanding of the layers under the surface of a design, like the technical delivery issues and the underlying call to action. They know what it means to focus on the actual business at hand”
Joe de Kadt, Producer/Director