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The Seasons Collection


Planning Unit partnered up with photographer Matt Alberts to create a unified voice and vision for his book, The Seasons Collection; showcasing his ‘Lifers’ project of sports driven adventure stories across America.

Following two exhibitions of his work in LA and San Francisco, Planning Unit were brought on board to design a book that brought together Matt’s photography across three road trips.

Planning Unit specifically created two bespoke typefaces for the book – Dogfight and Soapbox, which are used for the headlines and section dividers of the book. Both fonts add a voice and character to the compilation of images of people who push the limits in pursuit of their passion through a series of handmade photographic tintypes.

Matt partnered up with Cadillac, who supplied him with two Cadillac Escalades and towed an Airstream caravan and photographic trailer across America in a quest to document the culture he loves.

The Seasons Collection is an unforgettable and authentic window into the heart and soul of ‘Lifers’ who have dedicated their lives to skate, snow and surf culture. The book is subsequently split into three associated core parts: Snow, Water and Sun with text written by our good friend Brad Steward.

Project Scope

Print, Design, Type design

“Matt entrusted us with designing his book and gave us the freedom to add our own creativity to his very personal project. The result is a volume that brings together Matt’s dedication to his year long Lifers Project.”
Jeff Knowles, Partner, Planning Unit