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Caravan Outpost


Branding for a new company called Caravan Outpost.

Planning Unit was contacted by our good friends Shawn and Brad Steward – who we knew from their time at Bonfire Snowboarding. They asked us to create a logotype and symbol for their new company that offers a new type of accommodation experience – a quaint Airstream-based hotel and botanical garden in the heart of a small American town called Ojai.

The branding, which consists of a logotype and a symbol which is based on the C of Caravan, the O of Outpost and a Airstream caravan, will be used across all of their collateral, including a range of apparel.

In their own words “Caravan Outpost is an exotic and sometimes unexplainable blend of a boutique hotel, a mobile Caravan and an eclectic range of Foraged, Makers and Goods. Our mission is simple, be a company that dares to be as unique as the people who seek it out.”

Listen to The Intrepid Entrepreneur podcast where host Kristin Carpenter-Ogde interviews Caravan Outpost co-founder Brad Steward about the new venture. Listen here.

The photographs on this post were taken by Matt Alberts, also a co-founder of Caravan Outpost, we have recently designed a book about Matt’s photography project called The Lifers Project.