26 Shacklewell Lane
London E8 2EZ

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Central Film School


Planning Unit have recently completed the rebranding of Central Film School.

Having created a new brand identity and visual language for the school; the core element of the rebrand radiates from the dot of the “i” where the dot represents the school’s central location in London, to the impact its filmmaking reaches beyond the walls of the school.

Our first application of the branding has been to produce the new prospectus, school stationery, end of year awards and created new photography across all materials.

Based in London, Central Film School are embarking on a new era for the school. In addition to existing courses, they are introducing a wealth of new opportunities to encourage a new generation of filmmakers to change the world through their filmmaking.

In partnership with the Bertha Foundation, a charitable organisation which champions forms of activism to bring about change; Central Film School is changing its ethos to be more selective, ethical and innovative in alignment with the foundation’s goals.

Planning Unit will continue to work with the school implementing the branding across all of their needs and future developments.