26 Shacklewell Lane
London E8 2EZ

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AMWA Designs


We have created a brand identity for start-up textile designers AMWA Designs., including logo design, collateral and SquareSpace website.

Established in 2014, AMWA Designs goes beyond design for its own sake. AMWA Designs creates textiles and print designs for the home. It is built on the principle that our homes and private spaces should be enveloped with beautiful furnishings that evoke powerful and positive thoughts within us.

Adinkra Symbols and proverbs of Ghana are the inspiration. The symbols serve a decorative function, but also convey traditional wisdoms and adages.

AMWA Designs speaks to a future-spective generation whose lifestyle and pace of life gallops at what feels like a hundred miles per hour, it is overwhelming and consuming. The meanings of Adinkra are timeless. AMWA Designs see them as motivation for 21st century living.

Your home is your corner of the world, make it boldly strong and beautiful.