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Hello Beautiful merchandise


Our good friend Jane Hutchison has produced a range of merchandise for her charity, Hello Beautiful Foundation.

The Hello Beautiful Foundation was set up by Jane after her, thankfully, successful battle with breast cancer. Her charity aims to bring awareness about breast cancer, and inform people about lifestyle choices that could prevent the disease.

We first worked with Jane to create artworks for her first Hello Beautiful Exhibition, we created a breast cast and associated poster. The artwork we created has now been turned into a range of merchandise, including sweaters, vests, tank t-shirts, tote bags and wrist bands, the proceeds will go to the Hello Beautiful Foundation.

These items, and others by designers, illustrators and artists are available from the Lot Six Shop.

They will also be for sale at the Lambeth Country Show which takes place on July the 19th…

“The Hello Love Studio and Hello Beautiful Foundation present The Lambeth Country Show…

Two days of happiness, positivity and non-toxic living as we raise awareness for cancer – Woob Workshop, Limited Edition Screen Prints, T-shirts, Vests, Bags, Bracelets, Sweatshirts, KeepABreast Casts™”