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BBC Connected Studios


The BBC runs a programme called Connected Studio, we took part in one of their two day Build Studios at the Titanic Belfast.

Connected Studio is a new approach to delivering innovation across BBC Future Media. The aim of programme is to give the opportunity to a range of talents within new media, and set up a think tank environment to develop pioneering solutions and ideas

There are different Connected Studio events that cover a range of different subjects. We were involved in the News Archive project, which was to explore the best ways to unlock, and allow audiences to explore, what is often seen as the BBC’s greatest untapped resource, its vast archives.

Before taking part in the Build Studio, we were involved in two prior stages, Stage One was a briefing session, we then had to apply to take part in the second stage, was the Creative Studio, we were successful in that and took part in the one day workshop, where we came up with the design solutions and ideas which were pitched to the other participants and the BBC at the end of the day. If your idea was liked and approved by the BBC you were invited to third stage, the Build Studio, which we have just completed. The build studio is an opportunity to build a working prototype of our successful ideas from stage two. We spent two days at Titanic in Belfast, working with two talented developers, Barry McGee and Simon Hamilton., and again presented the final outcome to the participants and BBC, including the Editor of the BBC Onlne Archive, Peter Rippon, who wrote this blog post about the two days.

The prototype we produced of the two days is currently undergoing user testing, and if it is received well it will be developed into a real-world pilot, which will be user-tested and evaluated by the BBC Product teams.