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Hello Beautiful – Breast Cast


Planning Unit have designed a breast cast and poster for the breast cancer charity Hello Beautiful – ‘The Breast Movement’.

Hello Beautiful was founded by our good friend Jane Hutchison during her own experiences with breast cancer. Jane was diagnosed in June 2012 – ‘Just like that, my life, the lives of my family and friends and everything I once knew changed in an instant’, says Hutchison of her diagnosis.

‘Almost instantly, I understood that I needed to show the raw and uncut side of cancer…but with a beautiful twist. I began cultivating ideas around breast cancer awareness and thinking of ways to put my design abilities to good use.’

It was these thoughts that led Jane to set up Hello Beautiful – ‘The purpose of the foundation is to achieve a better understanding of breast cancer and in the process educate the community on the benefits of living a healthy, non-toxic lifestyle.

Through Art we explore the issues that arise when we, or our loved ones, are faced with breast cancer and the importance that emotional awareness and positivity has in 
this reality. In Addition to using art we aim to create a support network for the people and families that have been affected by this illness.

As well as the breast casts (in collaboration with Keep A Breast Foundation), we made 11 x 100 limited edition screen prints, t-shirts, tote bags and bracelets. All of which are on sale and the money raised goes to the foundation. The artists we have involved include Vic Lee, Billie Jean, Rob Pybus, Michael C Place, Hype Type Studio, Planning Unit, Miles Yokosaka, Stephen Cheetham, Michelle Thompson and Judy Kaufmann.’

Planning Unit wanted to create a positive message around the idea of change. Cancer brings huge change to people both mentally and physically, so we wanted to express the positive in this change.

Our idea for the breast cast was to push the concept of the cast as a sculpture. The breast casts are made from plaster of paris, so have quite a rough texture, we wanted to create something with a super smooth finish. We explored the idea of using a car body shop to create the finish, we consulted with C’n’C Coachworks, a body shop in Walthamstow, as to how to go about getting the desired finish. After filling, sanding and masking the graphics on the cast, its was painted, lacquered and baked by C’n’C Coachworks, this created the super smooth and super gloss finish.

The graphic lines, used on the cast and associated poster, are borrowed from The Vorticists, a short-lived modernist movement in British art and poetry of the early 20th century. They would create paintings that change the viewers entire perception of an image or object, often causing confusion but also adding an extra level of depth that was not there before. This concept ties in with the affects cancer can have on a persons perspective both on themselves (their body and mind) and their life.