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BBC Icon suite


The brief was to create a consistent visual language – a suite of icons – to be introduced to the BBC’s most popular areas; iPlayer, Sport, News, Travel, Children’s, Weather and Social. The suite would be used in every aspect of the BBC’s digital space and formed the vocabulary of its Global Experience Language.

The challenges were to unify and simplify seven core areas, whilst introducing varied levels of aesthetic and technical complexities. The Intercity train and modification of the classic BBC microphone, are two examples of how we integrated themes of the BBC, modern Britishness and uniqueness into the design.

The technicalities of the project required ensuring the icons were optimised to work at 32 and either 16 or 13 pixels in size. In most cases, the 32 pixel icons needed complete redesign to ensure desirable visual legibility at the smaller size format.

The final result presents a suite of 180 icons; a modern and cohesive showcase of what the BBC currently represents in its digital evolution. Used to enrich the users experience through the BBC online.

Project Scope

Icon design

PlanningUnit-BBC22 PlanningUnit-BBC53 PlanningUnit-BBC13 PlanningUnit-BBC14 PlanningUnit-BBC-35 PlanningUnit-BBC15 PlanningUnit-BBC21 PlanningUnit-BBC19 PlanningUnit-BBC37 PlanningUnit-BBC20 PlanningUnit-BBC23 PlanningUnit-BBC24 PlanningUnit-BBC25 PlanningUnit-BBC26 PlanningUnit-BBC27 PlanningUnit-BBC28 PlanningUnit-BBC18 PlanningUnit-BBC29 PlanningUnit-BBC30 PlanningUnit-BBC31 PlanningUnit-BBC32 PlanningUnit-BBC36 PlanningUnit-BBC38 PlanningUnit-BBC39 PlanningUnit-BBC40 PlanningUnit-BBC42 PlanningUnit-BBC-43 PlanningUnit-BBC44 PlanningUnit-BBC45 PlanningUnit-BBC46 PlanningUnit-BBC47 PlanningUnit-BBC48 PlanningUnit-BBC49 PlanningUnit-BBC50 PlanningUnit-BBC54 PlanningUnit-BBC55 PlanningUnit-BBC56 PlanningUnit-BBC12 PlanningUnit-BBC10 PlanningUnit-BBC4 PlanningUnit-BBC6 PlanningUnit-BBC3
PlanningUnit-BBC-2 PlanningUnit-BBC-156
PlanningUnit-BBC-44 PlanningUnit-BBC-48 PlanningUnit-BBC-42 PlanningUnit-BBC-41 PlanningUnit-BBC-40 PlanningUnit-BBC-43 PlanningUnit-BBC-47 PlanningUnit-BBC-51 PlanningUnit-BBC-50 PlanningUnit-BBC-49 PlanningUnit-BBC-45
“Planning Unit evidently like a challenge. In collaboration with our UX design teams they crafted a coherent and accessible suite of over 180 icons which live at the heart of our Global Experience Language (GEL). Focussed and personable, Planning Unit deliver without ego, yet with confidence.”
David Bailey, Creative Director UX&D | GEL, BBC Future Media
PlanningUnit-BBC-38 PlanningUnit-BBC-37 PlanningUnit-BBC-36 PlanningUnit-BBC-35 PlanningUnit-BBC-34 PlanningUnit-BBC-33 PlanningUnit-BBC-32 PlanningUnit-BBC-30 PlanningUnit-BBC-29 PlanningUnit-BBC-28 PlanningUnit-BBC-27 PlanningUnit-BBC-26 PlanningUnit-BBC-25 PlanningUnit-BBC-24 PlanningUnit-BBC-23 PlanningUnit-BBC-18 PlanningUnit-BBC-16 PlanningUnit-BBC-13 PlanningUnit-BBC-12 PlanningUnit-BBC-10 PlanningUnit-BBC-9 PlanningUnit-BBC-7 PlanningUnit-BBC-8 PlanningUnit-BBC-4 PlanningUnit-BBC-3 PlanningUnit-BBC-2 PlanningUnit-BBC- PlanningUnit-BBC127 PlanningUnit-BBC120 PlanningUnit-BBC119 PlanningUnit-BBC118 PlanningUnit-BBC117 PlanningUnit-BBC113 PlanningUnit-BBC107 PlanningUnit-BBC64 PlanningUnit-BBC63 PlanningUnit-BBC62 PlanningUnit-BBC61 PlanningUnit-BBC60 PlanningUnit-BBC59 PlanningUnit-BBC57
PlanningUnit-BBC-115 PlanningUnit-BBC-114
PlanningUnit-BBC-122 PlanningUnit-BBC-121 PlanningUnit-BBC-120 PlanningUnit-BBC-119